Integrating CropCheck™ into DriftWatch™

Communication + Cooperation + Collaboration = Successful Co-existence

CropCheck started as a collaborative project between FieldWatch and the University of Arkansas Extension Service, in 2018, to map row-crops that may be sensitive to drift. Four crops (rice, cotton, corn, and soybeans) were mapped on an identical platform as DriftWatch. In 2021 CropCheck was in five states and the need was only growing. As of the 2022 growing season, the row-crops that were exclusive to CropCheck will be added into DriftWatch to allow all crop producers in all states to map these crops. To continue to DriftWatch visit: DriftWatch

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About CropCheck

CropCheck™ is operated by FieldWatch, Inc, a non-profit company created by Purdue in collaboration with interested agricultural stakeholder groups. For more information, visit

This mapping tool is meant to help pesticide applicators and beekeepers communicate more effectively to promote awareness and stewardship activities to help prevent and manage drift effects.

This site features a powerful map interface that clearly shows applicators the locations of registered sites so they can use the information in their ongoing stewardship activities before they spray.

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